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>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whole Heart Ministries, Inc.

The Women of Whole Heart Ministries are committed to serving women. We have a team of 5 ladies in which we speak at conferences, workshops, or special ladies events. We also have two God gifted women on our team to lead Worship and do special events with the praises of their voices. It is our passion to share the truths that will set women free. We also have many that volunteer their time to serve God through WHM. They contribute their time and resources to assist us in the completion of the magazine and preparations for outreach!

Our subsidiaries for ministry outreach are:

In Her Heart… a Christian woman’s magazine
is an inspired forum that has been created to reach the tender place of a woman’s heart.
Each of us holds a collection of treasures; these treasures are life lessons. They are unique,
yet when shared are common threads that weave the women of God together.

In Her Heart… Inspirational Gatherings
Are you a woman today wondering how to stay hopeful in an uncertain world? Looking to grow personally? Tired of running on empty? Needing to be inspired? If you are looking for change, look no further. Our women at WHM desire to share their story of hope, true love, joy, and peace. Revealing what exactly is In Her Heart… Our mission is to inspire you to focus on what really matters! We bring In Her Heart… magazine to life and deliver the Truth that will set you free.

Whole Heart Evening: “Sharing Hearts”
A Whole Heart evening out to support and encourage our sisters who are called to share their Testimonies or “God Stories.”
Coming before a group of women to share is more than just to tell a story. A woman who is obedient to the call of God will examine her heart and allow God to prove her. She will walk in integrity, desiring to show that God is not only real in her life but He works when we fully believe and trust in Him. She will not get caught up with vain persons and those who cause division. When she allows her voice to be an instrument of the Lord she understands she is representing Jesus Christ and honors His reputation. She is being led to minister to others and takes that responsibility very seriously.

scriptural verses we are committed to:

Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide. Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth. I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers. I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked. I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O LORD: That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works. LORD, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth. Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men: In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes. But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me. My foot standeth in an even place: in the congregations will I bless the LORD. (Psalms 26:1-12 KJV)

Is a part of our heartfelt ministry that desires to encourage or coach you in your personal walk with Christ. The concept is accepting and applying basic Biblical principles to all that you think and do. When we run the race for God, it’s important to prepare and train for the endurance that is needed to cross the finish line!


His Creation

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Sunday night I returned from a wedding in Boulder, Colorado. Flying from Philadelphia last Thursday over God's green earth was the moment I needed to take a deep breath and exhale all of life's stressors and daily responsibilities. At home, I have 4 kids and a husband and a part-time job along with the enjoyment of the In Her Heart... magazine and Whole Heart speaking ministry. Also, we recently learned that we have a new bundle on the way, so the getaway was a privileged time to be alone with God.

Flying into Colorado is such a scene of beauty. I caught a bus at the airport to Boulder and immediately inquired of the bus driver, David, "Which side of the bus will face the mountains as we drive towards Boulder?" I settled quickly into the front seat as he remarked they would be right out the front window. After a long conversation with him, it's no wonder he loves his job: staring into the snow capped mountains day after day has never grown monotonous for him!

The white tipped mountains was astounding to see in the middle of June, as I took pictures that didn't do them justice. Such majestic reminders of God's creation and abilities to make all that is "good"! Suddenly as we neared Boulder, it seemed to have begun snowing. Apparently for 3-4 weeks in early summer the cotton trees bloom and shed cotton which rains down from the trees throughout this region, appearing as soft, large snowflakes. What a glorious welcome God had given me... a royal court of snow capped mountains sitting upon the tallest thrones and a love shower of soft cotton petals. His thoughtfulness is too much!

Upon arriving at my destination, I walked out of the bus station and down Pearl Street breathing in the cleanest air I've ever had the privilege to inhale. Glancing up at the crystal blue sky dotted with puffy cumulous clouds it was as if God had painted the heavens Himself that day. When I turned down 17th Street I had the privilege of walking through blocks and blocks of rose gardens in full bloom. As I was in Boulder to attend a wedding, it was quite fitting that God had allowed my path to be covered with fallen rose petals, as if to remind me that I was His bride and He my bridegroom. Every turn of this trip was perfected by His love and His presence. I was reminded time and time again that our God created the Heavens and the earth and all that is grand and trivial concerns Him.

I thank God that He directed my steps and I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit shown through my heart as I interacted with many "spiritual" people.

Just as our magnificent and unchanging God created the Heavens and earth in 6 days, He has also created this child growing within me. I pray that He perfects this creation and looks down into my womb and sees that it is "good". Praise be to God for His sovereignty, power and goodness!


In Her Heart... In Home Gathering

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

In Her Heart... In Home Gathering is an opportunity for us to bring the magazine alive in the homes of women. We have fellowship, play a game with a powerful object lesson that is hysterical, we take prayer requests, share one of our God stories and then receive and answer questions as part of our Coaching Christians for Christ (R) ministry.

Last night we spent the evening at Brigantine Bible with 23 of the most amazing women! We spent a few hours with these women, sharing hearts, playing a fun game, and recieving and answering questions. The Holy Spirit showed up and blessed. We had the privilege to pray over one with some of there women and it was powerful. We were blessed by their desire to know God more! Thank you BB for inviting us into your church home!


Sharing Hearts 6.18.09

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

Last night Whole Heart hosted an opportunity for women to come and share their hearts at their home church VBC. It is wonderful to have the support of our Pastors and leadership board. It is more incredible to have been blessed by these women and the personal accounts of their lives.
Here is a little of what we experience as if we could put it on paper.
"~Thank you so much for this opportunity to share I have never been given a forum to speak to women in the hopes that what God has done for me will minister to others."
"~Thank you so much for finding value in what God is doing in and through us, others would rather turn away."
"~I want the world to know that they can have hope in Jesus."
"~I have prayed for my family members for years and one by one they have all come to the Lord, God is faithful!"
"~Thank you so much for your obedience to love women and reach out to them!
Women shared their 'HEARTS' beyond sharing they unvieled themselves before God and women to Glorify the Father in how HE has taken the messy broken pieces and has and is putting back those pieces to make a grand masterpeice of glory for himself."

We honor and respect the women who shared. No actual words or accounts have been mentioned in order to protect their privacy. By far it is something that God has put together, hand picked those who came to hear and those who shared. One night in His-Story with a small group of God's daughters to bond and love in the name of Jesus, never to be exactly replicated again. A once in a lifetime gift, once in lifetime personal gathering with sisters. We were all blessed!

“Sharing Hearts”
An evening out to support and encourage our sisters who are called to share their “God Stories.”
Coming before a group of women to share is more than just to tell a story. A woman who is obedient to the call of God will examine her heart and allow God to prove her. She will walk in integrity, desiring to show that God is not only real in her life but He works when we fully believe and trust in Him. She will not get caught up with vain persons and those who cause division. When she allows her voice to be an instrument of the Lord she understands she is representing Jesus Christ and honors His reputation. She is being led to minister to others and takes that responsibility very seriously.
Please be sensitive as she is taking a step of obedience it can come with great anticipation as she is about to unveil herself to others. It can be intimidating or a nerve wracking moment in a woman’s mind that she is about to allow herself to be vulnerable to others. This is all a natural response and attack from the enemy. An obedient woman is a woman that will be blessed and protected by the Lord. It is our job to be encouragers and supporters and in that we will be blessed. This evening is for the sole purpose of Glorifying our Lord and Savior. In that, we will see God minister to the speaker and the listener’s hearts. Thank you to those who came to love on these women.
Thank you to those who came to share and bless us.

A Psalm of David.
Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide. Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth. I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers. I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked. I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O LORD: That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works. LORD, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth. Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men: In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes. But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me. My foot standeth in an even place: in the congregations will I bless the LORD. (Psalms 26:1-12 KJV)


~Grace~Grace~Grace~...God's Amazing Grace...

I am excited that God's grace has been poured out all over me and I have been set Free!!! I am not just talking about unmerited favor, which is one aspect of Grace.
I am talking the supernatural power to love the unlovable, forgive when unforgiven, and have mercy on those who lack mercy!!! I am talking about the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to just love with joy despite the heartache and the pain! I am talking about being able to move forward and not looking back, confident in God alone no matter who is standing by you. I am talking about the Grace that grips our hearts,motivates our faith, propels us into action and compels us that we can not not serve, love and obey Him.
I am talking about the Grace that sets us free!Free from: sin, self, and others!
My Grace has been revealed to me as a "GENTLE GIANT" that has, is and will continue to transform me beyond my thoughts can hold. God's Grace gives us the POWER to overcome the impossible, the unthinkable, and the most challenging. God's Grace is Jesus in us after we have confessed and believed Him to be the Son of God, the King of our lives and the Savior of our spirits. This revelation can take years to learn and develop. Digging deeper to understand God's Grace in which our deepest comprehension is yet still skimming the surface.
It is only by the Holy Spirit that can enlighten us to this truth. (Eph 1)
Man has journeyed throughout the earth to find the mystery of the supernatural, I tell you this: the journey is no further than the condition of our own hearts! One may concur it takes much work and effort, yet I tell you this: It is all about trust, obedience and RESTING contra re to popular belief!!! It truly is a total lifestyle change and the way we have been taught.
Grace is freedom that holds us accountable and leads us to the foot of the cross. We are free yet bonded in Christ Jesus. If we say we love Him, then He says the evidence of that is that we will keep His commandments. It will bring us great joy to please our Father! If Grace has gripped us than the evidence of this is a forgiving heart, a loving spirit, a tender tongue. The evidence of Grace transforming us will be an illuminating light shining forth as the Holy Spirit upholds the Word of God in us and through us. We cannot not live the truths of the Scriptures. They not only become our navigational life manual, they become a light unto our feet. Our journey in life is one of many ups and downs, victories and victories even in our saddest times we are never defeated!
No one person has the same path, nor same set of circumstances, or being prepared for the same purpose. However, it is the most amazing, individual, personal relationship and mastered creation as God does His work in us according to the counsel of His own will.No two set of feet will walk, endure, train, and persevere through the exact same set of plans. He prepares us individually for His exact purpose. This is why it is unwise to compare ourselves to one another, as Paul writes in the Scriptures, only compare yourself to that of Jesus Christ.That is why we can believe and allow for ourselves and others the grace and mercy to grow and live out our callings in life as we come to realize that God is in complete control and we are not.
Two verses to help us overcome: Father forgive them they know not what they do... We wrestle not with flesh and blood...Our experiences past, present and future will all intersect and weave together as THE GOLDEN THREAD OF GOD reveals a true tapestry of God's handiwork in our lives!!!
Ps. I have heard that there are those who use Grace as a "liberty" that they are not under the law nor the commandments. I am led to ask this, "Why then did the authors of the Bible feel compelled to continue to write God's Words to the churches telling them what their behavior should and should not look like? The Bible would have been empty pages there after that verse. My Bible shows me that My God loves me so much that He has equipped me with the truth of the world and the schemes of our hearts. He has shown me what is of Him and what is not of Him, He has shown me that we must repent and be tenderhearted. I was one who claimed grace with a hard heart of self righteousness, I have seen both sides, ummmmm. I have been set free from myself!!! God is a God of order, He has given us the scriptures to be obedient and the means of repentance when we are not. Let us not misuse the Grace of Jesus Christ. It was Grace that brought you to accountability with Jesus at the cross in the first place is it not? And why would the journey stop there? It is just the beginning......just the beginning of walking with God.

I have met the Grace of Salvation 18 years ago, but just recently in the past 4 years I have embraced the Grace of total abandoment to self, again a lifetime journey with God.
I thank God for my godly mentors: Corrie Ten Boom, Esther Ahn Kim, Brother Yun, countless others for sharing their God Stories that forever have changed my life!

With much love for God's women! Debbie Mascioli


Hard Heart?

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are you angry? Do you struggle with bitterness, stress, or anxiety? Does your heart feel heavy and your spirit weary? I can remember a time in the not so distant past where that was my daily struggle. It was a stronghold that had gripped me for years, the problem was that I didn't even realize it. I had gotten so used to living that way that I just figured that was the way it was supposed to be. My norm, so to speak. It wasn't until a prompting by The Holy Spirit through the words of my own child that I began to realize the state I was in.

"Mom, why do you have to be angry all the time?" HMMM. What to do with that?

My first reaction was to go down my list of usual excuses and justification that had become my first line of defense. "I'm not always angry, I upset now because......, and why can't you people see all that I do?....... I'm trying to get all this done, and I have to hear you all whine and complain instead of helping ......" and the list could go on.

Psalms 8-11
"Harden not your heart as in the day of provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wilderness: When your fathers tempted me and proved me, and saw my work. Forty years long was I grieved with this generation,and said, It is a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways. Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they should not enter into my rest."
My heart had gone astray, and I had no rest. The constant weight of anger frustration and bitterness had shrunk me down for years. Bitterness oozed from my being. My children suffered, my husband suffered, my family suffered. I was a mess.

That day, a wonderful transformation took place. The Holy Spirit began , to open my eyes to the truth. I was angry. At everyone and everything. Much of my anger, bitterness and anxiety had built up over the years do to the fact that I was angry at God! Oops, am I allowed to say that? It may not be something that I wanted to admit, but that was the truth as God revealed it to me. As I look back now, He was revealing that truth to me for a long time, but I refused to acknowledge that, for fear of what exactly that meant. How could I be angry at God? Christians are not supposed to be angry at God. It's just not something that is "accepted" so to speak. You just don't get angry at God. Too bad. I couldn't deny it. I wasn't just angry, I was bitter and my heart was hard. I was so mad at Him for the things He allowed in my life. I was furious at Him for not protecting me. My bitterness mounted up for years had changed my countenance to the point that I lived in bitterness and frustration most of the time. And my family was dealing with the brunt of it!

We'll what was I to do? I was angry at God. And this day, there was no getting around it.

1 Peter 5:6-7 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time:Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you.

So, I just surrendered it all to Him. I allowed myself to be broken to the point of total abandon and let God do His perfect work. Did He "get me" you ask? Did He shoot out lightning from the sky and strike me down right there? No. Obviously not since I am writing this now.
It was nothing short of AWESOME!

HE met me there. And He loved me there. A miracle occurred in my heart that day, when He graciously allowed me to accept Him and His love. It had always been there, but I hadn't known how to accept it. In fact, I couldn't accept it before, because I was angry and bound by my stronghold of bitterness. With His great loving kindness He whispered His truths to me and revealed my own heart. And it was UGLY! I repented,and He once again, graciously forgave me. I learned in that place, that God, was not The God I thought He was. He was not the God I was taught He was.

From that moment on, we embarked on a new journey together. He has shown me over and over again How much He loves me, and does care for me. He provides for me like no one else can. My God supplies all my needs and gives me love unconditionally and over abundantly. He has released me from the bondage that held me captive for so many years. Do I still struggle with anger? Yes, I do. However, I know now that the my best defense is a good offense. I get on my knees and give it to God.
How about you? Where are you in your journey of faith? What is standing between you and all that God has for you today?
Hebrews 3:12 Take heed brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.



>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How many of us hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit telling us to call someone or drop her a note or even pray for him or her? Can you recall a time when the urging prompted you to reach out her tomorrow? Most likely not! The Holy Spirit lives and touches us, reminds us, fills us, comforts us in the present. Typically it is our humanness, our busyness that responds, "Yes, I've got to remember to do that. I can get to that tomorrow." The question is... does tomorrow ever come? From my experience, the Holy Spirit's promptings are forgotten as quickly as they come if I do not act on them when He tells me to.

I have been guilty more often than not in the past of throwing a little water on the spirit, which Paul warns us will eventually quench the spirit (1 Thessolonians 5:19). Friendships have always come easy to me, however the deeper and more faithful my fellowship with women becomes the clearer I see my laziness and relational faults. One of many is my laziness in continually encouraging those women around me that the Lord has allowed me to know are hurting or struggling.

The Lord is the greatest encourager, the only Hope, and the living, healing water. By His hand alone have I arrived in the place where I can see Him directing my path. Over the last 18 months, He has impressed upon me the importance of the words we speak; I began asking myself how many I actually spoke truthfully and in love (Ephesians 4:15). Not that I walked around lying, but when another woman asked a hard question, how often did I take the easy way out? the unloving way out? I'm sad to say that before God opened my ears, eyes and heart to hearing His truth and before He planted a passion for following this Voice of Truth, I ran towards the easy way out, especially in difficult or complicated relationships. He desires for us to mature in His word and to use it to sharpen one another's countenance, to call one another to repentance, and to live by it's instruction. We can measure the depth of love we have for other women by the amount of truth we speak to them and over them. His word is the only thing we can rely on to produce fruit.

So God has so lovingly and patiently encouraged me to seek Him and love His truth. Lately, He seems to be going before me, yet following me around with the same verse. Most recently in the prayer room at our last women's conference, my name was pinned to a page in the Bible with the HIGHLIGHTED verse! How much more obvious could He be, and still I ask, "Is this what You really want me to do?" The verse is Hebrews 3:13, "But exhort one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened thorugh the deceitfulness of sin."

God is encouraging me to love others more than myself and to call them to my side and comfort, exhort, beseech them with passion to repent and remain near to the only living God. And now I encourage you to do the same.

Romans 15:1-2 "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let every one of us please his neighbor his good to edification."


God is at work in all of us!!!

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 KJV)

Oh how we stumble and fall over the lies of the enemy. We lack truth, we lack confidence in who we are in Christ and we can lack obedience. Somehow we all go through a process in our journey for the Lord that God reveals the depths of our own sin and when repentance is made it can propel us into action to love others with an understanding that we have been there also. The beginning of this verse says; We know….We know….We know what? Do we really know that ALL, ALL not some, not a few, not a little, but ALL things work together for good,?Even when it’s tough, even when it’s exhausting, even when its troublesome, even when it doesn’t seem right nor logical. That’s right, ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God to them who are the called according to HIS purpose. Does it say our purpose, our desire, our expectations? NO HIS.
So why do we act like we can direct God? I hate that about myself.

Do we really KNOW this? Has it penetrated our hearts? We will know if it has been revealed to us by how we respond to life’s issues around us. But be of good cheer and know there is no sin which is uncommon to man, we all have fallen short and have lacked faith and trust to believe the scriptures. It is not only humbling but also motivating after we have repented of sin and the error of our way, we then come to a revelation for others, and we can share and say "I understand" and claim the verses to overcome for everyone. Because we should be confident that: Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: (Philippians 1:6)

So we can see that it is God which begins the work of salvation in us, and it is God that will perform that work in and through us until the day of Jesus. So the same mercy we desire others to have for us as we stumble in the darkness trying to find our way in life or as we trip fall down and get back up, this same mercy we should have for others. Those in Christ Jesus are his, and God is working it all out, and everything is according to his purpose.
So why do we choice to wrestle with flesh and blood?
Because our focus is on everything around us rather than in us. We are more distracted by what others are doing or not doing than the work that God desires to do in us. How often we can be distracted of the enemy’s lies to allow our feelings and emotions to take over our being. We can easily be side tracked to work out OTHERS salvation rather than working on our own. This is a trap that I believe all Christians are caught in. If the enemy can keep us focused on everyone else but our selves, he will stunt the growth of a believer. I first hand admit I have been down this road and like Paul, the chief of sinners. However also like Paul, being the chief of sin and then delivered from it, I now understands the importance of sharing the truth for others to be delivered.
Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain. Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I joy, and rejoice with you all. For the same cause also do ye joy, and rejoice with me. (Philippians 2:12-18 KJV)

The main reason we sin against ourselves, others and ultimately God is because we are not working out our own walk with fear and trembling. For if we believed that it is God which worketh in us to will and do of His good pleasure then we would not murmur of dispute what others do or have done. It is tough to get this from the brain to the heart. We understand the words but until they are grafted in we will continue to murmur towards others.
It is a hard thing to expose our hearts to God and allow Him access to do pruning, it hurts and it is so ugly, so very ugly, it is disgusting. But thanks be to God that when He has revealed this truth to us, He takes out the dead and heals it with new life. We will feel sanctified, cleansed and there is a refreshing joy of new living water springing up in us as we experience yet more and more liberating moments over sin. Examining our selves is one of the absolute best bitter sweet things ever to occur in our walk with God. It is through obedience that the sweet is the reward for releasing the bitter, amen!

So if we understood that God’s grace is working in and through us individually , and He is faithful to His Word for us, isn’t He just as faithful in these verses to others? Think about it, and does the clay say to the Potter why do you do what you do? Is God not in control of all things, does He not reign on the just and the unjust? We must be very careful if a true need arises to approach it with truth in love, and an understanding heart of reconciliation. How can we do this?
We must hold forth the Word of LIFE. Rather spending countless hours of being consumed of others , It would be in our best interest to be in our Bibles and allowing that to transform us in this crooked and perverse nation. Isn’t if funny how we know how difficult it is for us to be changed and grow in areas that seem so difficult but yet we can lack the compassion for others in theirs areas of struggle, as if they should have arrived on the spot? In all honesty we can do this most in our marriages towards our spouses, have higher expectations for them than God and we battle against God in our unbelief and disappointment rather than allow God to have His way with them andus.

Point to Ponder: Only God can change the heart of man…we wrestle not with flesh and blood….beware of the enemies lies that your feelings and emotions are valid, they are not…they are wicked and deceptive that is why we are told to take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of God… God’s grace is a beautiful gift to us personally, how much more the freedom for others to experience it for themselves on the time table God is working in them…. All of our interactions and discomforts are not for us to change others but for us to be transformed in the teaching God is trying to bring us to, which is mainly to be in our Words daily properly responding to sin and others with the Word as our authority, not feelings.
Grace, Grace, Grace…. It comes with such accountability…. And must be reverence with holiness and obedience. Let us give God the room to have His way with us an others as He sees fit for His purpose and His glory. Let us Thank Him for revealing the depths of His grace to us. Let us TRUST HIM that He knows best and when things just dont seem right we walk by faith not by sight.


Tender Hearts, forgiveness and kindness....Refreshing.

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:32 KJV)
a tender heart is priceless to God, forgiving one another is freedom for the soul and being kind is like the cherry on top. There are some rare cases that we may not be able to exchange the sentiments of truth because of the other parties rebellion, yet if we have done all we can to be accountable for ourselves then we just continue in kindness.
kindness is demonstrated by being graceful towards others
tender heart is by allowing yourself to be in anothers shoes and offering mercy and the benefit of the doubt
forgiving is trusting God with the consequences for they know not what they do. It is easy to have a forgiving heart when our hearts are driven with truth and not our emotions or feelings.
even as Christ has forgiven us. Scriptures tell us great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend thee. If it seems to be a habitual thing go to the brother and try to work it out gving them the benefit of doubt out of kindness, a tender and forgiving heart. IF it gets you no where you were obedient and will be blessed for your response.If you talk and work things out you've won an brother.
Dont allow yourself to get caught up in talking about others. Gossip, backbiting and jealous are not of God they are direct hits of the enemy to cause division and destruction. They certainly do not emulate be ye kind one to another...... stay away from those who justify division with hurt feelings. The scriptures clearly tell us how to deal with our circumstances.
Dont stew over emotions and feelings, sort out facts and if you find yourself critical about alot of things with alot of critizism and a hard heart for truth ask the Good Lord to tenderize your heart bring you to a place of kindness and mercy. Most often when we have alot to complain about the problem isnt others it is us. Most of us learn that the hard way unfortunately. Being negative doesnt bring glory to God nor edify the hearer.
God is in control, if we spent 1/3 of the time working on ourselves rather than worrying about others, and edifying others, loving and going out of our way for others what a better world we'd live in. Are we part of the solution or the problem? Where is the condition of our hearts this very moment? Identify your position, put on the armor and claim victory in Jesus.How do we live this verse out? TAking personal time with God, alone time and in the word reading and praying that God would use His living Words to transform our hearts. If we are not seeking Him daily, we will find ourselves struggling to maintain. Heb 11:6b says that He is a rewarder to those who diligent seek Him. Does it say he is a rewarder to those who do not seek Him?Let us humble ourselves in the sight of God.....
May we all seek to be obedient to scriptures to bless others and show that God is real and working in our lives!!!!


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