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>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Sunday night I returned from a wedding in Boulder, Colorado. Flying from Philadelphia last Thursday over God's green earth was the moment I needed to take a deep breath and exhale all of life's stressors and daily responsibilities. At home, I have 4 kids and a husband and a part-time job along with the enjoyment of the In Her Heart... magazine and Whole Heart speaking ministry. Also, we recently learned that we have a new bundle on the way, so the getaway was a privileged time to be alone with God.

Flying into Colorado is such a scene of beauty. I caught a bus at the airport to Boulder and immediately inquired of the bus driver, David, "Which side of the bus will face the mountains as we drive towards Boulder?" I settled quickly into the front seat as he remarked they would be right out the front window. After a long conversation with him, it's no wonder he loves his job: staring into the snow capped mountains day after day has never grown monotonous for him!

The white tipped mountains was astounding to see in the middle of June, as I took pictures that didn't do them justice. Such majestic reminders of God's creation and abilities to make all that is "good"! Suddenly as we neared Boulder, it seemed to have begun snowing. Apparently for 3-4 weeks in early summer the cotton trees bloom and shed cotton which rains down from the trees throughout this region, appearing as soft, large snowflakes. What a glorious welcome God had given me... a royal court of snow capped mountains sitting upon the tallest thrones and a love shower of soft cotton petals. His thoughtfulness is too much!

Upon arriving at my destination, I walked out of the bus station and down Pearl Street breathing in the cleanest air I've ever had the privilege to inhale. Glancing up at the crystal blue sky dotted with puffy cumulous clouds it was as if God had painted the heavens Himself that day. When I turned down 17th Street I had the privilege of walking through blocks and blocks of rose gardens in full bloom. As I was in Boulder to attend a wedding, it was quite fitting that God had allowed my path to be covered with fallen rose petals, as if to remind me that I was His bride and He my bridegroom. Every turn of this trip was perfected by His love and His presence. I was reminded time and time again that our God created the Heavens and the earth and all that is grand and trivial concerns Him.

I thank God that He directed my steps and I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit shown through my heart as I interacted with many "spiritual" people.

Just as our magnificent and unchanging God created the Heavens and earth in 6 days, He has also created this child growing within me. I pray that He perfects this creation and looks down into my womb and sees that it is "good". Praise be to God for His sovereignty, power and goodness!


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