Is Jesus Enough?

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

How often are we called into ministry with a fresh mind of what Jesus has asked of us, only to find ourselves loosing sight of that very call? I think on the scriptures when Jesus fell asleep on the boat in Mark chapter 4. The guys were on their way in obedience finding themselves without Jesus, they were operating in their own strength. This is a detriment to ministry and one that most experience falling into. Are we loving our callings, our ministries or our gifts or are we loving Jesus? Is Jesus enough?

We can become so busy in "routine" that we become rushed and stressed. I for one do not believe stress is of God, it can be used for God, but in a stressed state we are not surrendered nor in the Spirit. There was nothing rushed or stressed about Jesus. Not even in the storm.

In our busyness, we can easily oversight our quiet times, our prayer times, our purpose and our mission. The enemy is slick to send in a barrage of distractions all looking to be "good" things but not "the" thing God has called us to. We must be on guard at all times that the very thing that Jesus has asked us to do, He will complete it. Jesus said lets go to the other side, they started out and became fearful with the first sign of resistance. Jesus arose and rebuked the sea and calmed the waves. Why are we so fearful? Why do we so easily get caught up in everything but what God has called us to do? Why do we get sidetracked?

A very simple answer; we are not sitting and resting at His feet. We are running in front of Him, around Him, along side of Him but we are not walking side by side embraced by Him. There is such a difference. Why is Jesus not enough for most of us, why? What are we looking for? Where can we find it outside the God of the universe?

Allow Jesus to be enough and watch the Peace come over you just as it had the seas. Love Jesus more than ministry, more than service, more than the supernatural occurrences that come with the Power of God. Just love Jesus more, be still and allow the peace of God to rule your hearts!!!


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