Absolute Truth to be or not to be?

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm not quite sure why some have a problem with absolute truth. I am going to just process my own thoughts in hopes of accomplishing.....well nothing, other than I need to!? How do we express we have no absolutes? So let me get this straight. There are no absolute truths in the beliefs of many, right? Are you absolutely sure of that? Ummm.... exactly, are you following me.

How about this, is this absolute truth or not? If I jump off a 20 story building I will fall to the ground? - Yes gravity is an absolute truth.

Or if I had to do a math problem is it absolute true that 5+5=10? huh really that is truth?

O.k. lets go one step further, shall we... If there is no truth or absolute truth what holds the "thinking and conscience state of mankind together?" There would be total chaos, no right or wrong. Lieing is morally correct? Hey committing adultery is o.k with you? Well lets face it if someone doesn't believe in absolute truth, we tend to be moved but what "we" think is o.k. Quite frankly the truth is, I don't agree with this logic or sense of perception.

So you deposit $500 in your bank account, you call the bank for a balance check they tell you your balance is $0. You're upset, because you know you deposited money, but since there is no absolute truth, the teller doesn't agree with your logic in depositing money and therefore has emptied your bank account because there are no absolute boundaries to stop her.

Where is the accountability? Why do we have laws, courthouses, judges, jails, and the American Flag?

If you are caught driving over the speed limit by 25 miles, is it not truth you are very likely to suffer consequences? If you are caught stealing a 45" T.V. from the department store are there consequences? How about this one! If you run your car into a tree traveling 150 miles will you eventually crash? If you hold your breath under water and you are chained to the bottom will you run out of air and drown in oh, lets just say on the long side, 15 minutes?

Wow, and I didn't even bring God into this. I really wonder about this post modern society and their tolerance for irrational thinking. What spirit do you suppose this came from? But since I brought it up now, for someone to say there is no God, they would have to be all knowing, right? Since we are limited in our thinking, we can't rightfully say something unless we have evidence and can prove it.

I will testify that I love absolute truth! I love that God has given us absolutes and the fact there is truth is comforting to me. I have a personal relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. He is not only truth but the very essence of TRUTH.

I hope I proved my point out loud. I am sure you didn't need convincing and appreciate you processing this with me.

You can believe this.Take it to the bank, invest it and watch your divine return bless your little heart! Jesus Christ is Lord, He is the final authority! It is He that says "do not hate your brother less you commit murder in your heart. Do not lie against one another, Do not steal." Jesus came to live out the gospel for us to share. The death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ was and are the absolute truths for the complete gospel of our Lord.

As Bible believing, Lord saving, grace abounding Christians, how do we tolerate lies? The truth is what is absolutely necessary to uphold it. I leave us with that to ponder.......


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