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Fear strikes all of us from time to time. There is good healthy fear and then bad unhealthy fear.

Good fear is something that keeps us in a reverence for things. We know if we touch a hot burner we will get a bad burn. We know if we misuse electricity we will get shocked. I have an electric fence which gives my horse boundaries, everytime I try to climb through it I fear being shocked! I fear if I am out of God's will by disobedience that consequences will follow. These are all good fears that keep us in check with what is going on around us and what we do will have an affect on ourselves and/or with someone else. Healthy fear sets boundaries it creates respect. Good Fear helps us to analize and receive truth. Good fear helps us from moving backwards. Yes think about that, when we disobey it is always a setback! I touch that hot burner, my damaged hand is a set back, if I cross boundaries that God has set the consequences set me back. Good fear motivates my obedience!

Conviction to do right is a still small voice nudging or knocking on our hearts to do right or to go back and make it right. It gently brings us to reconciliation, it hurts but is freeing to move forward in forgiveness and openness about our mistakes.

Bad fear unhealthy fear paralizes us. Bad fear TORMENTS US, it creates mountains out of mole hills. Bad fear causes us to see things, hear things and feel things that are not truth. Bad fear keeps us from moving forward. I can fear people, places, circumstances, confrontation. I can fear the unknown. I can fear false ideas that play out in my head. I can fear that I am not liked, or unaccepted in social circles. I can fear my husband doesnt really love me or my children hate me because I'm a horrible mother. I can fear..... and the list is endless. In the mind battle of fear we literally paralize ourselves from being productive we must face our fears. It brings up our past and accuses us of our faults. In Christ we are forgiven and our sins are thrown behind the back of God. We must face that this fear of the what ifs, the unknowns, the monsters in our closets are from Satan himself!!!!!! He desires to sift us like wheat to place us in bondage from being free to live the abundant life. If, holds us back. No matter what we have done, not matter what, when we have confessed and repented we are restored immediately. Do NOT let the accuser of the brethren keep you in the past that you are freed from, move forward in liberty because of Jesus!

How about the fear that you cant move forward because you are so comfortable with being miserable and controlled by fear that to be freed seems more illogical than you being in bondage! It is ok to forgive yourself and enjoy life! There is nothing, nothing that you are not forgiven from. You and you alone is the only one that can set yourself FREE! Dont feel guilty about that, just do it and enjoy the freedom of forgiveness. Forgive yourself!

1John 4:8 perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment, he that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Guilt is condemning it gnaws on you like a tiger on a bone. It is overwhelming it suffocates us, it paralizes us, it moves us into an isolate place of imprisonment that WE shut ourselves into! Guilt moves US to PLACE ourselves in bondage and a belief that we are so bad, undeserving, unforgiveable and inexcusable! Guilt is a LIE from the ENEMY who desires to destroy the JESUS in you!

F.E.A.R.= False evidence appearing real. False evidence appearing real.

The enemy is out to destroy us and he loves to create false lies and circumstances to distract us from living and enjoying God. What if all of our fears where real? Think about that. What if all and even our worse were real? It doesn't change who we are. What changes is the reality that its out of our control. We can only control what we think and say and for that matter do. We must take the fears of the enemy and eliminate them one by one. Take captive EVERY thought into the obedience of Christ.

Today what is consuming your thoughts, paralyzing your spirit and holding you back from living!

Today so many women are not living to die they are dieing to live!!!! Women want to be set free to live life in liberty!!!!

First step: What are the thoughts that consume you? Acknowledge it, Identify it!
Second step: Write it down, confess it verbally and tear it down as a lie
Third step: Memorize your promises, trust God and know who you are in Him!
Fourth step: Now enjoy LIFE in JESUS!

KJV Ps 64:9-67:7-Prov 2:5 Eph 5:21- 1 Tm 1:7 Luke 22:31 Rev 12:10 2Cor 10:5 Jer 7:24
Promises: Rom 8:37, 8:15-17, Col 1:13, Luke 10:19, Eph 1:3, Isaiah 42:1, Romans 8:31, Acts 17:28, Heb 11:6

A believer in Jesus Christ, one who has been reconciled to the Creator of the universe is an adopted heir to the Kingdom. We are daughters of a King! A King of the most HIGH kings! We are positioned by Him and highly favored. Be Blessed and live Believe God with all you have for all its worth!


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