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>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This week seems to be awareness of the sign of the times. If we as a nation recruit, equip, and train our military with a "Boot Camp" a crash course on survival skills and how to properly defend and take over the enemy, how much more should we as Christians prepare for the spiritual battle? What would or should a boot camp for those going into battle look like? This is totally my personal opinion but it starts in the Word of God.

We need to be girded up and prepared. We need our full amour on and equipped with understanding how our enemy thinks. It is important to be two steps ahead! We must trust that God goes before us when He calls us to move out. Here is what I believe God has told me. We must study what we know, and know it well. The enemy will counterfeit and build lies into what we already know. We must be able to detect deception immediately. We must know what it smells like, looks like, an feels like with our eyes close.

Pray, pray, and pray more. Pray for wisdom, discernment, revelation from God and the Spirit of Truth to teach you in all things. (Eph1)

Like the military in boot camp we need to get in shape to train for the assignment ahead of us.

Sign Ups for Christian boot camp is now. We must learn how to defend the faith, deliver those in trouble, care for the wounded, and rehabilitate to a healthy state. But how, how do we learn these essentials?

In the Word of God! As we study and train in the Word we will develop all the necessary elements for battle. Like for starters, we will learn LOVE- living .out. virtue. eternally. We have HOPE having. opportunities. promoting. ELOHEIM. We will learn that we have promises, that in obedience brings blessings and forgiveness releases you first and foremost along with your offender. We would learn we wrestle not with flesh and blood so understanding we have one enemy narrows down what or who we are looking for.

The training is strenuous, its hard on the body and it can be a mental challenge. However it will be for each individual we must move forward. Let us keep in mind this; it has everlasting consequences and rewards.

Let us all be serious about the assignment that lays ahead of us, let us gird up and prepare no less than our military prepares for physical battle, as we are in a spiritual one. Let us take our freedom and life seriously. It begins today with a decision what are we willing to personally invest?


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