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>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There is no sin which is uncommon to any particular person. In our lifetime we will all have similar experiences through temptations. Yet why does it seem some swim to victory and others sink in defeat?

Lets set the stage: the place= the mind....the main character= self #1 and self#2....the evil counterpart (you know there always is one)= satan himself and the knight in shining armour= Jesus/Holy Spirit.

Ok so the story goes, self #1 is self motivated, self righteous, self centered and wants what they want when they want it not matter how they get it. Self #1 is always telling itself how great it thinks it is, dont need anyone can do it on my own and isnt genuinely concerned for anyone but #1. On a fine sunny day self is minding its own business, when suddenly self is attacked by the evil counterpart and self goes from happy, content, and peaceful to a wicked wrath, jealousy and restlessness. Self is aware of the surroundings changing yet not sure why, in the struggle of trying to figure out what just happened, self is taken down and paralyzed in a state of shock and is defeated. Self is taking care of self the best of self's ability and well quite frankly it just doesnt seem to be working.

This goes on for sometime, self finds self in and out of its feelings and emotions and self notices they change! One minute we are in love the next we hate, one minute we want to give the next we take, one minute we want to spend time, the next we start an argument, one minute we are supportive the next we are tearing them down and the list goes on, and on, and on and on.........
Can you identify with this story just a little bit?

Then we have another self, this is self#2. Self #2 is God centered, God reliant, and God motivated. Self #2 spends alot of time daily in God's Word. Self #2 is humble, examines itself, and is always needing God. On one sunny day Self #2 minding self's business is joyful, content, and peaceful until all of a sudden self #2 is hit and overcome with a hardship of evil. It is ugly and hateful, it is jealousy and insecurity, it hurts and its lonely. Self #2 like self #1 realizes something has changed a battle has taken place and now asks itself what it should do. Rather than trying to figure out the details of what where and why, Self #2 calls out for help to its knight in shinning armour and starts to use the weapons given to tear down the thoughts that have attacked self's mind.

Self #2 has studied and learn to identify the enemy's attacks, lies, deceit and destruction. With the Word of God planted in self's heart and mind from daily attention, self is able to get through the struggle, tired but unharmed from the distraction. Self #2 lifts up grace to the people tied to those emotions and understands we wrestle not with flesh and blood. Self #2 resumes after a time of warring a peaceful mental position in the Holy Spirit.

So what makes one different than the other? My sisters, we all struggle with all the same demons. One more violent than the other. One more sinister than the other. The difference in so many is that one is prepared in the Word of God to use it as a weapon to defeat the enemy. Now this is totally just an analogy through a revelation I have learned in the Lord.

How do we go through life lessons with grace, love and forgiveness? Understand that the God of the universe is over it all! We may not always understand why right away, but know this we must be in our scriptures daily seeking and hungering after God. When are hearts are far from His ways we set ourselves up for a fall.

Let us all repent daily unto the Lord, asking forgiveness for the thoughts we allow. We must remember God is a God of unity in the Body first and foremost. However there are times that we must exercise the safeguards He gives us for discernment if something or someone is being abused. The most important part of what makes us different should be the condition of our hearts. They should be pliable, soft, bendable and conformable to the image and transformation of Jesus. That means no matter what, our hearts should be free from sin and the ugly demons that can distract our minds. The KEY is to tear them down while just an imagination before they settle and take root in our hearts.

The difference is some are in the Word and willing to live out Jesus His way, and well, others are still struggling to get there. Only God knows our hearts, but rest assured they will be revealed. Its good if they are, there is hope for us yet through accountability and discipleship.

Grace for Grace, let us live unto the Lord personally being obedient with what He has called our SELVES to do individually.

So self 1 vs self 2 doesn't make one better than the other, just different. One chooses to disobey the other obey, one chooses to do it God's way the other their way and the list of opposites goes on.

Let us not delay our blessings one more minute move forward and not backwards Jer 7:24 tells us.

There will be times things will seem illogical, just be obedient and leave the consequences to God. Exercise discernment you are not a doormat, but a daughter of the King. Be prepared daughters for the King cometh may you be found with oil in your lamps and may you be adorned for your bridegroom!

In Jesus Love....Walk in Victory!!!!


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