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>> Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Many confuse JOY with happiness. Happiness is based on our current physical or emotional condition of getting what we hope for, however JOY is something much greater!

Many will tell you the acronym for JOY is Jesus Others and You. I do not believe others have anything to do with our JOY.

The Lord has revealed to me several years ago and gave me this acronym for JOY.... Jesus Occupying You! You see despite my physical or emotional need the fact is that if I abide in Jesus my joy is no longer based on my circumstances but who takes care of them, amen. Regardless of conditions Jesus Reigns and that is JOY enough in itself, its not what I have but who has me that thrills my soul.

Those who demonstrate this truth are those who BELIEVE in HIM who holds all things in HIS hands. Such as the men, women, and children all over the world being persecuted for their FAITH and doing it with JOY. You see it has nothing to do with conditions (sickness, trials, or pain), everything to do with who He is in us.

The only way to receive true JOY is if you are abiding in HIM and HE in you!

We can go much deeper but for now we contemplate where our JOY is?


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