Grace...Love...Holy Ghost be with us All!

>> Friday, May 25, 2012


 2Co 13:14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, [be] with you all. Amen. <<[The second [epistle] to the Corinthians was written from Philippi, [a city] of Macedonia, by Titus and Lucas.]>>

May the grace..(.the supernatural empowerment to do that which you could not do on your own)...of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all today!

Today, maybe we will be able to love someone we are struggling with...forgive them as God forgave us. I dont mean pacify them, I mean to forgive, which means not to dwell on it, bring it back up, talk about it, nor allow it to stand between you, and move forward in your heart.

Forgiveness is not only releasing them in our heart, but asking God on their behalf to forgive them also. By asking God, you are telling God how much you desire for them to have forgiveness also. It's a beautiful thing for the individual asking...the domino effect is hopefully the other party will come to understand and see the work of Jesus in us, Amen!

Another opportunity maybe not to be so stressed out, reacting or respondingso quickly negatively to our surroundings. Such as, someone not meeting up to our expectations, on the job, in the car, at school, at home....deep breath in....exhale out... :) or placing ourselves in our prayer closets to communion with God, calm our nerves and allow Him to reign down His personal favorite!

May the love of God be with you all today! The essence of LOVE is God! Have you ever just felt so overwhelmed with is but is a filling...a peace in your heart...a smile on your face for everyone...its another dimensional experience happening in our inner man that strengthens us and pours over into our physical sense. That is the kind of love that is desired for us today! All is well with the God and the world, and your J.O.Y. (R) just oozes over.

May the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all today! THIS IS ESSENTIAL TO EVERY BELIEVERS WALK WITH GOD. The very word in the greek means to be intimate with as a wife and husband do, the word in the greek is intercourse. We must understand the importance of acknowleging and abiding with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost's role in our lives is a gift to empower us with God's plan and purpose for our lives. Without His power, acknowlegement, and guidance we are helpless in impacting the kingdom of God.

I realize for many...many...of American churches we have stayed away from mentioning, including, needing the filling of the Holy the scriptures...its hindering our ability...we are nothing but a lump of is the Holy Ghost that brings life and the ability to do God's work in and through us. Yes, we can do lots of work for our own strength. You may say, "Whats the difference?" I would answer, "Start praying and asking God to show you!" Titus and Lucas are not desiring that we would have such a close intimate communion with the Holy Ghost because it will hurt or hinder us. Its because its impossible to please God without Him.

We can do nothing for God and take credit for it, so how do we do anything to avoid robbing God of His glory...simple...we dont...He does it through us...How does He do that...the Holy Ghost. Amen!

May we all be blessed today and everyday thereafter, with this beautiful encourgement of grace, love and the Holy Ghost!



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